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Since we've moved to a warmer clime, I have been wearing my red fifteenth-century dress without the black overgown more often. I have a hat to match the gown, but it isn't suitable for hot weather, so I have been looking at the veils worn by women of smaller means in France and Belgium in the fifteenth century.

The June image from Les Très Riches Heures shows two women, one wearing a rectangular-ish veil tied at the nape of the neck and hanging to her waist, with some hair hanging loose down her back. The other woman has a more rounded-looking veil. It looks like the woman on the right in this painting by Rogier van der Weyden has one cloth tied tightly around her head, and then another veil pinned to it. Another painting shows a woman who may have attached her frilled veil to her braids.

Does anyone have a favorite method for anchoring a fifteenth-century style veil, or a good source for veil pins? If you have made veils for this period, what size and shape were they?

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