Feb. 4th, 2010

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I think this falls in the "never wear underpants with holes, for you may be hit by a bus" category of advice:

Make sure you eat breakfast before you jump in the shower, for the hot water tap may become stuck in the "on" position, and you may find yourself running outside in your slippers to hunt for the house water shutoff while making awkward phone calls to your husband, landlord, coworkers, and plumbers, all the while laboring under an increasing (low blood-sugar induced) sense of desperation. (I have acquired a plumber and some English muffins. But this wasn't really my morning plan.)
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I'm going to Estrella! For a weekend. (Now that we live in California, that's not a completely insane proposition.)

That weekend happens to be my birthday. Therefore, I should make (vote for one in comments):

  1. Chocolate cupcakes. Birthdays mean chocolate, cupcakes mean sharing.
  2. Excellent small cakes. It's not an SCA event without currant shortbread.
  3. A more elaborate medieval dessert: maybe lots of ginger wafers, fool, a late-period cookie I haven't played with before, a fancy dried-fruit tart . . .
  4. Lime bars. I have fifty limes on the dining-room table; I shouldn't be allowed to cook with other fruit.
  5. You will demonstrate a medieval dessert that uses vast quantities of citrus.

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