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This is a Latin scroll text for a new member of the Order of the Laurel with an Italian persona. ([personal profile] zarhooie made the scroll and asked me for text.) It is adapted from a fourteenth-century invitation to the Order of the Knot; you can find a translation in Boulton's book The Knights of the Crown.


Magnifica femina, et fidelis dilecta Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli. Nostra Societas fecit ordinem quemdam Laureae vocabulo insignitum in nobilibus et parilibus quibusdam Capitulis comprahensum, ad quem per nos assumpti sunt, et successive tantummodo assumuntur, quorum sit nobis nota in artibus et scientiis sollertia, et eadem sine discrepantia in quolibet operatione voluntas, inter quos, et de quorum numero te conditionis praemissae feminam connumerandam decrevit nostrae electionis Judicium, et facta Nobis nosceris fidelis socia. LAUREA igitur sub cuius denominatione ORDO ipse sumpsit vocabulum, ecce tibi insigne donamus, et a te recipimus Juramentum in nostris manibus. Suscipiens itaque LAUREAM ipsam, qui sicut frondes laureae figuraliter virescunt in perpetuum, sic Professores illius in scientia crescunt, ita ad multiplicandum tuam sollertiam, et ad tuum vigorandum de virtute in virtutem processum in opere incumbens tibi exhinde coronam laureae portes, quod potioris laudis consequaris augmentum, Sociis praesertim imitabiliter per exemplum, et in ipsis assignandis tibi ex parte nostra Capitulis contineri videbis. Data feria Bellatorum Dominorumque Belli acta baronibus Nordskogensibus et Jararvellensibus die 12 Julii anno Domini 2014 et anno Societatis 49.


Magnificent woman and beloved subject Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli: Our Society made a certain order, distinguished by the name of the Laurel, comprehended under certain noble and peerly Statutes, into which there have been and shall successively be admitted by us those whose skill in the arts and sciences and faithful willingness without discrepancy in any activity is known to us. Among these and of their number the choice of our Judgment has selected you as a woman possessed of the aforesaid qualities: know that you are made by us a faithful companion. Thus the LAUREL, under which denomination the ORDER itself takes its name, behold we give you its badge, and receive from you the Oath in our hands. Therefore, taking up the LAUREL itself, which just as the laurel leaves figuratively grow green forever, just so the professors of the Laurel grow in knowledge, thus for the multiplication of your skill, and to your strengthening, proceeding from virtue to virtue in work incumbent upon you, henceforth may you bear the wreath of laurel, and may you pursue that worthy sign of praise through imitation of the example of your Companions, and through our assignment of these same Statutes to you, you will see how to persevere. Given at the fair of Warriors and Lords of War run by the Nordskogen and Jararvellir barons on the 12th day of July in the year of our Lord 2014 and in the year of the Society 49.
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