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Back in Seattle, after long wedding weekend number one. A list:

* I think I want to read the Flashman chronicles.

* Big beach houses in Canada are exactly like big beach houses in New England. This one was shaped like a barn. It had too much 70s daisy wallpaper and no insulation.

* Telling myself not to stand around wanting to rush into the hills like Marianne Dashwood is an effective strategy.

* Presents received by loving couple: blender, blender, freezer, sexy rainbow purse, leopard and zebra cups, blender, food processor, and blender. Jasta's breasts are bigger than mine, so the purse looked different on her.

* There is a hole in the pipe from our sink to the wall. It exploded when Brian tried to snake it. We put a bucket underneath it.

* [livejournal.com profile] greythistle sent me a stack of books. I will return to avoiding Mary Gentle.

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This morning I wandered around U. Village, the trendy outdoor shopping mall down the hill from me. I bought a pair of shoes that I've been yearning after for a while, since they're the summery version of the little red shoes I'm very fond of. It's still strange to me that I'm grown-up enough to want more than summer sandals and winter boots-- and grown-up enough to pay for them! Such luxury! But the real purpose of the expedition was to pick up a plate I made for [livejournal.com profile] glasseye from one of those places where you paint your own dishes. I painted his device, a green shield with an ermine chief and a white sun. The shield came out a lovely glossy green, but I'm most proud of the stylized leaves round the border.

I was at Paint the Town a week ago, for a birthday party for my officemate, S. I don't think I've talked about S much here, but I've definitely enjoyed sharing an office with her and I'm very sad that she's leaving. She'll be moving to Michigan in just over a week! S is sweet and kind and friendly and has any number of talents, including the harp and yoga and drawing. I wish I had gotten to know her when she first came to this city, two years ago, instead of waiting until we did share an office. It's so sad to realize friendships too slowly.

S's birthday was just the start of a busy weekend. Saturday morning I walked to the farmer's market, and bought whole-wheat bread, spinach, chard, fresh garlic, and feta cheese. I spent a quiet afternoon, but in the evening J&L arrived, bearing riches from China! They gave us a gorgeous little teapot shaped like an eggplant with a miniature eggplant for a lid. [livejournal.com profile] glasseye and I and J&L stayed up late into the night, sharing -- variously -- beer, Scotch, and ginger-lemon tea, and talking about China, Philadelphia, and old times together. The next day we all went to Folklife, along with J's mother, aunt, and grandmother. We all wandered around together, so I didn't get to dance. :( But we did hear all sorts of music, in particular Spoonshine, bluegrass with string bass! And I spent a long time looking longingly at silk coats, made by a local artist from Indian sari materials. Wonderful thick material with a twirly skirt -- but the best pattern, with little swirling rosebuds, was on a coat one size too small, and I wanted to be absolutely in love before I bought one. (The booth was called Silk Dragons. I got a card, but she doesn't have a website.) I celebrated Memorial-eve by making elaborate pizzas, two with leeks, mushrooms, and white wine, and two with spinach, olives, and the feta I bought earlier in the weekend. Yum.

That brings me back to tonight's culinary adventure, which was Persian rice with barberries. Barberries are incredibly sour, like the dried-fruit version of Sour Patch Kids. I love sour food, but two cups were a little much! And I forgot part of the tah dig step, so no crunchy buttery bottom layer to my rice. But it was one of the most beautiful dishes I've seen in a long time, all white and red and yellow (the recipe asked for a teaspoon of ground saffron), and small amounts with yoghurt and garlic were wonderful.

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OK, I Lied

May. 21st, 2006 07:54 pm
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I didn't buy thirty pounds of rice this weekend. I bought sixty. Here is a picture:

So the current project is documenting Persian rice. I did find this website (http://www.asiafood.org/persiancooking/rice.cfm) which says the fanciest rice dishes are from the 1800s. But I have found period references to saffron rice with flavors like rosewater and nightingale wings. So as long as I don't get TOO fancy I am good :)

Pictures Of Other Stuff I Bought )

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Dear World,

Why didn't you tell me that Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote novels for adults? Or, for that matter, that she had a scandalous affair and was divorced twice?

SPOILER for A Lady of Quality which none of you care about anyway )

I don't care how much it talks about Christ, this is revolutionary, I tell you, revolutionary. Damn you, Trollope! Damn you, Barren Ground!

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still sleepy. But there is nothing wrong with me that more steroids won't cure. My lungs will have the strength of ten! Or something. Ramble, ramble. Last night I dreamed that to get into the forest I had to trade bodies with a witch. A trollful witch, but at least she was pretty. Then she killed my old body so I was stuck. At least we had the bright orange beastses. And some very stupid vampires.

But you thought you were safe, eh? No, not yet! It is time for first cousin once removed of Bad Poetry Corner.

I'm taking the curves too fast.
each one leaps up before me, vertical and known
in leaf-green shade. I lean into them,
unknowing. some kid died here.
some kid always dies, drinking
after curfew. sun
outside my caves of curves, no games of brights
along the ditches. I know
timing, leaves and brambles.
I'm taking the curves too fast.

Yes, I did try to write this while driving. That is why it doesn't get to be a sonnet. heh heh. I am evil, I tell you!

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