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Holes in tire
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I was going to go to Portland this weekend. I made it to a truck loading zone just off the James St. exit, downtown Seattle, where I called [livejournal.com profile] glasseye and AAA. [livejournal.com profile] glasseye found my spare tire, and the AAA towtruck driver jacked up my car with his fancy jack and told me where to find more air-- and then followed me to the gas station to warn me that my brake lights weren't working. So no more car for me, until we fix the brake lights (I'm hoping a connection has just been knocked loose) and pay someone to put a new tire on this rim.
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Two SCA, one not; two about me, one not:

* [livejournal.com profile] aelfgyfu (also [livejournal.com profile] medievalglass) is on vigil for Laurel. Yay!

* After about ten months, my car works. Except for the fact that my father and I couldn't get the trunk open. That's not really a problem until the day I want a complete set of summer tires . . .

* I'm thinking about writing an emblem poem for single-entry at Kingdom Bardic. Guess that means I should start collecting nifty facts about Amalric and Caia (or just reading up on famous Roman women. Hmmmm.)

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